Slowing down

I am at a transitioning point. I left the group I spent the last five years working with. It was a difficult decision to make to leave since I love the people I worked with there. As with any team there were ups and downs but I honestly may never find a group that is so well knit and willing to help each other than them. I wish them all the best in their future and I know that the team will go on to do great things.

Once the decision was made to leave, finding a new role was actually a very straight forward affair. I was applying to jobs and working with two recruiters who were able to obtain interviews for me at two companies. I feel both interviews went well and I was very fortunate to be offered a position with an insurance company that is doing new development and pulling some products in house. This is a great opportunity to really focus on improving my skills as a developer and working with a small team to deliver on some clear objectives.

What this means for me is that I need to work on slowing down. Slowing down my expectations of myself and slowing down my work since I will hopefully have much less to juggle. I will not be customer facing to my knowledge which will mean one large segment of my time has been returned to me. I think in time I may miss talking to the variety of people that I was able to contact but presently I’m excited to have that much focus returned to development!

Slowing down might sounds like a step backward to some, but I think it will afford me to really dig deep and invest in the work I can deliver in the role instead of the balancing act of custom work, support, and interfacing with outside customers. I hope to plan out and spend time pondering solutions instead of figuring out the first thing that works and then running out of time to improve upon it. Doing the work deeply, meaning to remove distractions and focus on a task, will enable me to grow professionally and I hope personally since my work stress may go down. This is all not to say that there will not be crunch times or deadlines shortened due to some unforeseen event but at the highest level I hope to feel more accomplished in my day to day work and in solutions I deliver.

The pull to work better and improve upon my technical skills has been at me for some time. It took much longer than I’d like to admit to respond but now I am attentive, there’s a lot to be excited about! Again, I have to remind myself to slow down though. I cannot learn the code base overnight, as much as I may want to try, I cannot fix every problem I run across, that would cause more pain than it would fix, and I cannot be an expert at every piece of tech used in a week. I accept that I am human who has a family I love and other interests in life.

Author: brendon

A father and tech enthusiast residing in Minnesota. All opinions here are my own and do not reflect my employer.