Let it be known

A few months ago I was discussing something that a coworker wanted professionally, to attend a conference, and I gave him advice that has helped me immensely. Let it be known what you want. The majority of additional responsibilities and advancements I have made has stemmed from discussions with coworkers and bosses of my interests in my professional progress. If you are working towards a professional goal and your superiors are not aware of it, how are they going to help you achieve it?

I am not advocating providing a list of demands but instead casually incorporate it into conversation or better yet bring it up in a formal review process. If it is well received you now have a path to move forward. If it’s not well received you will know and possibly look for another position that will allow growth in your chosen direction in your current company or elsewhere.

So what are you waiting for! Go push your career forward!

Author: brendon

A father and tech enthusiast residing in Minnesota. All opinions here are my own and do not reflect my employer.