A new motto

There have been many changes lately at work with processes, management, and personnel which is to be expected from a company that is growing as quickly as we are. This time of flux has given me an opportunity to reflect on my role and my day to day activities.

One thing that has been constantly in my head of late is the mantra to ‘suck less than yesterday’. The source of the motto is Jeff Atwood as I heard him describe it in This Developer’s Life podcast while discussing their outage several years ago. This idea has really resonated with me because each day you start with the idea of improving upon yesterday to some degree. The scale is not defined nor is the scope. It could be that I decide to take the extra step to document a process for internal or external use or simply ordering a salad for lunch instead of the standard burger and fries because that will be healthier for me. Alternatively it could be opening discussion that a process is outdated and needs review and volunteering to update it.

I appreciate the narrow history of this mentality. Yesterday is fresh in my mind with all of the successes and failures and by reflecting on both I can make improvements on the failures and examine my successes to see how I can have additional success going forward. These small changes lead to bigger improvements over time and also don’t cause the paralysis I sometimes feel when I attempt to change everything.

The biggest take away though is that being conscious of what went right or wrong the day before is the very first step towards improvement which would be recognition. Knowing that I have made mistakes and has success and then taking the step to analyze both is key to improving myself. As I discussed with a coworker in the last few weeks: experience itself is not enough, the analysis and improvements due to experiences is what drives growth.

Author: brendon

A father and tech enthusiast residing in Minnesota. All opinions here are my own and do not reflect my employer.