First Post

This is something that I purchased last year with grand plans to create a landing page for myself, begin blogging, and also have a way to easily pass photos of my new daughter to friends & family without losing out on privacy.

Needless to say my first post is 6 months after I purchased the domain and set everything up.

My current reading avenues include blogs of a large variety that mostly pertain to technology and programming. Because of this, I thought it would be a good idea to start blogging myself to polish my writing skills and to have a way to put thoughts down and share them. With that out there, I can now say if you are reading this post it is most likely a little rough so please continue to read as I improve.

Setting up the theme and other things within WordPress and this initial post is enough for one night so until next time (hopefully not 6-12 months from now)

Author: brendon

A father and tech enthusiast residing in Minnesota. All opinions here are my own and do not reflect my employer.